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On behalf of the Hong Kong College of Family Physicians, the members of the Organizing Committee and myself, we are very proud to announce the “13th Hong Kong Primary Care Conference” under the overarching theme of:

Committed. Versatile. Ever-growing: Primary Health Care in the Time of COVID

which will be held online from 17th to 19th of June 2022.

This year's conference takes its theme from the COVID-19 pandemic that, for almost two years now, has shocked the world and will continue to affect how we conduct our daily lives. People with chronic diseases are not only susceptible to complications and death from the COVID-19, but they are also suffering from disruptions in their regular care routines.  Furthermore, the pandemic is also affecting the health of many people who are not infected by the virus. The lives of those who have not been infected have also been deeply affected by the collateral damage this virus causes. As primary care is the fundamental pillar and the “front door” to the health system of most people, there is a need to further enhance a comprehensive primary health care system. I quote excerpts from the keynote speech of WONCA Immediate Past President Prof. Donald Li in his opening speech at the 2021 World WONCA Conference, “there can be no Universal Health Care without comprehensive Primary Health Care (PHC). There can be no comprehensive PHC without Family Medicine.” Thus, we as Family physicians and primary care providers, should continue to stay committed, be versatile and work together ever more to meet the challenges now and in the years to come.

As always, our hallmark conference, held online for the past 2 years, has continue to enthrall our participants with its well-curated program. Our program will retain the well-received structure with various theme-based seminars, plenary sessions, interactive workshops and interesting discussion forum. This annual event offers an inspiring platform for bringing together international and local experts, family physicians, nurses and primary care professionals to promote collaborative and networking opportunities in addressing present and future challenges.  Last but not least, I cordially invite you to submit cases to our signature clinical case competition, as well as abstracts to our full and free paper competitions. So please stay tuned for further details.


I strongly believe that you will undoubtedly have a fruitful and enjoyable learning experience in the forthcoming conference.


​Sincerely yours, 

Dr. Lorna Ng.jpg

Dr. Lorna Ng
Chairlady, Organizing Committee
Hong Kong Primary Care Conference 2022

(Supported by HKCFP Foundation Fund)

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