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AstraZeneca Hong Kong Limited

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AstraZeneca is a global pharmaceutical company harnessing the power of science to make health happen for as many people, in as many countries, in as many ways, as possible.

But health doesn’t just happen.
Research, innovations, breakthroughs. This is the beginning.
Beyond the lab, you’ll discover what it takes to make a positive impact on people living in different communities, countries and economic situations.
The understanding of unique barriers to health in different parts of the world. And the willingness to invest in what it takes to overcome them. 
The relentless pursuit of “possible” in often seemingly impossible circumstances.
Around the world, we follow the science to create transformative change for people, society and the planet.
Making health happen has never been more important as we emerge from a global pandemic that has affected the lives of millions. 


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Mr. Bernard Loo

Telephone: +852 2420 7388 (Office)/ 9644 2558 (Mobile)




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