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  • Registration to the conference is required.

  • First come first served.

  • Please prepare a separate cheque(s). Cheque(s) will be returned to unsuccessful registrants.

  • Registration Deadline: 8 June 2023 (Thursday)

1. Conference

  • Member: HK$200; Non-member: HK$1,000

2. Workshop(s)

  • Member / Non-member: HK$500 per session.

  • Workshop 1 (19:00 – 20:30, 23 June 2023 Friday):

       Multi-modality Psychological Approach and Intervention in Insomnia

  • Workshop 2 (16:50 – 18:50, 24 June 2023 Saturday):

       Introductory Workshop: Hands-on Point-of-care Ultrasound (POCUS) for Doctors

  • Workshop 3 (09:30 - 11:00, 25 June 2023 Sunday):

       Lactation Consultation: Hands-on Demonstration on Hand Expressions, Latching Positions for                   Effective Milk Transfer, How to Use the Milk Pumps and Utilities

  • Workshop 4 (12:30 - 14:00, 25 June 2023 Sunday):

       Fall Prevention from What You Eat to What You Do: Assessment to Isometric and Dynamic Resistance Training


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  • Pay by Credit Card

  • Pay by Cheque
    - Please send completed registration form with crossed cheque(s) payable to
      “HKCFP Education Ltd” to the Conference Secretariat 
    WITHIN 3 DAYS after you submitted the registration.
    - Please use SEPARATE cheques for payment of conference, workshop(s) registration fees, etc.

  • Pay by Tele-transfer
    - For overseas delegates only.
    - Payment information will be sent within 5 working days after your submission of registration.

        - All bank charges and related transaction fees should be borne by the remitter of the funds.

  • Pay by FPS (轉數快)
    - For local transaction only.
    - To make payme
    nt by FPS(轉數快) through Alipay or e-banking, please make sure the following information is filled when processing the payment:

         ◊ Payee’s ID:

         ◊ Remarks / Message to payee:

          (i)  your registration number

          (ii) your full name

          (iii)your contact number

       -Demonstration of FPS payment through Alipay or e-Banking is available at

       -Please capture the screen of payment completion to

       -A confirmation of registration would be provided once your payment is successful verified.


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a)  Withdrawal of registration on or before 9 May 2023: Full refund after deduction of all bank 
     charges and related transaction fees.

b)  Withdrawal of registration after 9 May 2023: No refund will be accepted.

c)  All refunds, including unsuccessful workshop registration etc. would be arranged within 8 weeks
     after the Conference. All bank charges and related transaction fees if any would be deducted from
     the amount of the refund payment.

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